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        If you dream of the perfect vintage wedding, then Jessica & Craig’s wedding will inspire you! It was located at Jessica’s aunts house in Albany, GA and our very own Reagan Hembree did an amazing job capturing stunning photos from the day. Reagan will be sharing on the blog today about her perspective from behind the lens!

        “Jessica and Craig’s wedding was held at the most beautiful, historic house with a large balcony overlooking the yard. Joy, the homeowner/aunt of the bride, is really into vintage design. She actually has her own company called “Vintage Down South” where she puts a vintage twist on events. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the yard and house looked! Vintage couches, leather suitcases and lamps were styled throughout the yard, close to where the ceremony took place. The backyard was filled with antique rugs under wooden tables with mismatched chairs. It was so fun!”

        “Jessica got ready in the master bedroom. It was full of light and directly connected to the large, upstairs porch where Jessica & Craig had their first look. Jessica also spent a lot of time getting her four children ready for the ceremony, which was adorable. Roman, age 2, didn’t want to leave her side, making for some of the cutest photos!”

        “Jessica & Craig were unbelievably sweet! They were so easy to work with & their love was so raw. When taking the couple photos, they just laughed the entire time. Both Jessica & Craig were so content just being in each other’s presence & enjoying the moment.”

        “The ceremony took place directly beside Joy’s home. Jessica’s oldest son walked her down the aisle which was super sweet. The ceremony itself was pretty short but the emotion was so real! As soon as Craig kissed his bride, all of the kids jumped in for a big group hug!”

        “The reception took place in the backyard of the house. It had rugs, large string lights & even a chandelier! The decoration was absolutely stunning. Each guest sat around a wooden, family style table & had food brought out to them by the caterers.”

        “Both Joy and Jessica had a large family, so there were a lot of kids present. They were by far the sweetest kids I’ve ever met! They were always willing to help and so joyful to be around. Everyone immeditately welcomed me in and by the end of the day I felt like I was part of the family haha.”

        “Jessica & Craig ended the night by sending up Chinese lanterns. It was beautiful and the grass only caught fire twice! “