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        My Bio

        What first drew you to photography?

        I began traveling at a young age and that started my love of photography instantly. I wanted to be able to tell the story of my time in that place. I’ve always had a desire to document and remember events, life, day to day things, and I tried everything from journaling to scrapbooking but photography is what has always stuck. Later on, in my art classes at school my friend and I would always create these elaborate photo shoots for fun. I had no idea, looking back, that those things were always pointing me in a direction. When I finally decided to pursue photography as a career I began working for a wedding photographer and fell in love.

        What’s your favorite part about photographing weddings?

        In the entire process I really love the chance to meet people and make new friendships. I genuinely become friends with most of my clients and thats just the best! This work also gives me a space to confidently be myself which is so freeing and I love creating that space for my couples to do the same. And lastly, knowing how much the importance and meaning of their wedding images will change over time.

        Credentials/ Experience?

         I have lead/second shot over two dozen weddings
        – I have been second shooting and assisting with all things business for a successful photographer for over two years
        -The Adventurers Workshop, Yosemite 2018

        What would you consider your spirit animal and why?

        Probably a horse. Free spirited, love to roam, intuitive, and my husband does call me a grazer because I like to snack all day long… Horses are also loyal herd animals and I am the type of person that strives from a smaller community with deeper relationships.

        What would you like to say to anyone who may be working with you?

        This is all about you! I am here to create a space where you can feel totally comfortable, have fun, and focus on all the joy that is filling up this time in your life because I think we often miss it. I remember planning my own wedding and feeling so much pressure to have things a certain way, uphold tradition, and do things that were not representative of us. Everyone wanted to give their opinion and ideas. I don’t want you to get stuck in that, which is why I care so deeply about honoring what is most important to the two of you.
        I prefer to be outside, exploring any chance I can get it. Plane tickets and books are my love language. I also think ice cream is an extremely important food group. I hope we get the chance to hang out, laugh our butts off, and create some memories for you to cherish.