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        What is the difference between a wedding and an elopement?

        A wedding is a very open & public ceremony highlighting the love and commitment between two people through marriage. An elopement is a much smaller, often more relaxed and intimate ceremony between two people.

        What makes an elopement so special?
        The simplicity & intimacy!!! An elopement is all about YOU, where a wedding can often become about other people or the details. Elopements come without many expectations, which takes away a lot of pressure & allows you to have fun, be yourself & say exactly what you want to say.

        What are three reasons why eloping is a great option?

        1. It’s simple- you can create as much or as little detail as you want. You can make a full ceremony out of it or simply hike to the top of a mountain & get married.
        2. It’s often times MUCH cheaper than a full wedding- less details often means less money. Plus, many couples often do destination elopements where they just stay for the honeymoon. If you’re worried about your friends & family, you can always have a reception when you get back!
        3. IT’S FUN! If you’re looking for something laid-back, nontraditional, & full of adventure eloping is the way to go.

        What are some struggles, fears or challenges couples face when deciding to elope? How can they overcome these challenges?

        Couples often hesitate to elope when they start thinking about their friends and family. For many, it’s hard thinking their family won’t be a part of the wedding or their best friend wont be standing by their side. There are so many ways to handle this:

        1. Technology is amazing. If you want your friends and family to witness the wedding, you can always facebook live it & invite whoever you want.
        2. Invite them! People are always up for an adventure & you’d be surprised as to how many people would love to accompany you.
        3. Hire a videographer & play the video at the reception when you get back! Everyone will be able to watch the video & celebrate with you.

        What advice would you tell someone who is considering an elopement?

        Talk to other couples who have eloped & get their honest opinion on it! Talk about the day, the finances, how they incorporated friends & family, etc. Just like you talk to friends & professionals about wedding advice, reach out & ask questions about getting eloped!

        What is the most beautiful elopement you’ve photographed and why?

        Last November, I had the opportunity to photograph an elopement in Maui & I still can’t get over it. It was super intimate & laid-back. The location was picked out the day before where the couple decided on a lava rock overlooking the ocean. It was just the couple, the pastor & his daughter (who played the ukulele), the videographer, & myself. Everyone got along so well & everything was so relaxed. The day was full of love, laughter, & excitement for the couple. It is still one of my favorite elopements!