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        When preparing for the wedding, what’s the most important thing for brides to remember?
        I think the most important thing for brides to remember is to relax and have fun! Your wedding is supposed to be a celebration of your love, not this intricately planned out and perfect day. Of course you want things to go smoothly, but I think its important to focus on why you’re having a wedding. In 15 years, you may not remember that the flowers were the wrong color or that your dress got dirty on the bottom, but you will remember who was there and the memories you made during the day.

        What are your top 3 wedding planning tips?
        My top 3 wedding planning tips are:
        1. VALUE your photography. Think about where you want to get ready, make sure it has good lighting. Do a first look! The photos from that are something that you will treasure forever. Try to get your ceremony to be at a time or location with decent lighting, and try to get couples portraits at golden hour.
        2. Have your group photos planned out in advance! Send your photographer a list of the exact photos you want and who you want in them, then have a bridesmaid or family member gather everyone for you. We don’t know everyone who’s in the photos, so try and make it easier on your photographer.
        3. Have fun!! Being engaged and planning a wedding is such a unique and special time of life. Don’t rush it! Enjoy figuring out all the details and let the chips fall where they may.



        What is one unnecessary worry brides tend to care too much about?
        I think brides worry way too much about their hair and makeup. Try and look natural, like yourself, and the photos will turn out so much better! If you’re wearing way more makeup than usual, you won’t look or feel like yourself!

        What is one thing brides should probably care more about, but tend to forget?
        I think brides should care more about where the groom is getting ready, especially if they want photos of it. The groom tends to get stuck on his own in a dark room, because all the attention is on the bride.



        What would you consider “bridal essentials”?
        Make sure that you and your bridesmaids have snacks and are hydrated on the day of, particularly in the summer months! I’ve seen so many bridesmaids pass out because they haven’t eaten or drank enough water when it’s hot. Also, have a schedule and sticking to it is very important! It will lower your stress and the stress of all the vendors involved!

        What advice would you give a bride on her wedding day?
        Stay on schedule, but also relax and have fun! This is the best day of your life, embrace it and soak in every single moment! Spend time alone with your new spouse on the day of, if you can! It will feel like such a special moment.