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        As wedding photographers, we have the unique opportunity to get an inside look into so many different kinds of weddings. We’ve seen the good & the bad, the ups & the downs, and everything in between. We know how much planning & preparation it takes to make the day go smoothly and we’ve learned some great tips along the way. In our experience, we’ve been able to help couples remain at ease by providing the extra reassurance they need, knowing we have our end under control. Of course, everyone wants their day to go as perfectly as possible, but it’s always a good idea to plan for the unexpected.

        With this in mind, we’ve asked Remnant Collective Photographer, Aly Barnett, to answer a few questions and give some helpful wedding advice from her perspective:



        What are three tips you’d give a bride & groom when preparing for their wedding day?

        1. Have the wedding YOU BOTH want to have! Not your parents. Tell them this is YOUR wedding!
        2. Book early!! Photographers are booked up to two years ahead!!
        3. Photographs will be the one thing everyone will remember from your day. Odds are, no one will actually remember your table runners or color scheme!

        What is a common problem you see couples struggle with when planning their wedding? How can this problem be avoided or made easier?

        Not having a planner! Most weddings run behind and the couple gets frustrated. These planners are professionally trained for stressful times! Ask us for recommendations 😉

        Give three words to describe your ideal wedding/elopement.

        Laid-back, adventurous, & personal!



        What is the most important piece of advice you could give couples on their wedding day?

        Just have fun! And be prepared for anything to happen! Like, bring a sewing kit in case you need to sew your grooms pants that ripped!

        Describe the most beautiful wedding/elopement you’ve photographed thus far. Explain why you loved it. 

        Definitely a wedding I shot in Virginia! There was a lake and mountains in the background. It was all at the Bride’s family lake house and yeah, it was hot, but not as humid as Charlotte! Everything from their hanging chandeliers, cake, and center pieces were beautiful. Plus it was extra special because almost all of their friends and family traveled down from Michigan.